Kukukari Oy has begun supply of services at January 2014 to respond different needs of Customers in networking, contacts, sales and process development undertakings.

Foundation of know-how has been caught up in working over 30 years as an mechanical engineer in different industrial sectors.

Design, R&D, service and project management know-how together with long marketing and sales knowledge in vast domestic and international turnkey deliveries has built up a general impression to Customer´s needs – is it question of offshore, nuclear, energy or process industrial needs.

All these together with long-term work shop background and networking confirms understanding of total scope of different processes, network requirements and needed documentations.

Comprehensive list of our services helps you to build cooperation networks, increase your sales, develop your internal processes and train your personality in variable operational environment.

Several Customers in international business have already selected Kukukari Oy for their partner.

Please, acquaint yourself with our KUKUCARE® -services and contact us.

We are prepared to help you!

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