KUKUKARI Oy is bridgebuilder of cooperation networks between small and large companies and in developing cooperation and working methods. Operation model is networking different partners to work together.

The name of the Company ”Kukukari” bases on our family´s background. Our family have been seafarer and fisherman at least 500 years. Sea has been base of trade, fishing and cooperation. ”Networking” in time when you knew nothing of the term.

Kuku” is local dialect meaning cork/float of the net; more exact wooden float in floating nets in fishing,

In business floating networking operators.

Kari” is meaning in Finnish south-west costal dialect shoal or islet/skerry. As we well know fishes (haul) are coming close shoal areas or islet; in business customers and operators.

The mean of KUKUKARI is to lead different parties to work together and build working and inspiring cooperating working models and keep them functioning. Deep open cooperation between parties is key for success in business. Kukukari is ”networker” by shoal of Customers. Right Parties will be connected to work together.


With precise work we will pick the fruits of cooperation.